Wembley Medical Factory Joint Stock Company is a Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company, which was established in December 2015. Our company is a 100% domestic invested company.

The main Wembley market are domestic and export to Southeast Asia countries. Our products have the same efficiency of safety Catheter IV from Europe but costing lower 20 – 30% that will promise master the domestic market and share the market with imported.

Wembley is operated by enthusiastic young engineers and experienced leaders in the field of medical equipment. We are committed to producing and distributing safe and effective products for patients.

We understand that the medical equipment business is a special business that directly affects people's health and lives. Therefore, from the first inception date, Wembley has determined that "product quality is the top priority".Chất lượng sản phẩm lên ưu tiên hàng đầu“.

To do this, our products are manufactured under the control of quality management systems such as ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016 and WHO-GMP. Wembley appreciated all research and applications that bring better health to the society , so Wembley has established a team of staff to research the market, receiving the opinions from doctors and the needs of users as a prerequisite for increasingly better products , to meet the demand and the trend of using high quality products of the domestic and foreign health sector.

Với sự nổ lực không ngừng, trong tương lai Wembley hy vọng sẽ góp phần to lớn vào sự phát triển của Ngành sản xuất Trang thiết bị y tế ở Việt Nam.


Become a leading medical equipment manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam and gradually expand into international market. Wembley Medical's customers are always satisfied and happy to use Wembley products.


Mastering high technology to produce medical equipment to serve the market of high-tech medical consumable equipment in Vietnam that bring many opportunities and initiative with reasonable prices for the domestic medical industry.